The Little Philosopher


Creating philosophical books for families

The Little Philosopher…families thinking together.


We love being a family! In fact, we love being a family so much, that is, we love being together, learning together and loving life together, that we call ourselves "extremely family"! Our books provide those same fun, philosophical and creative materials that we created and enjoyed for ourselves to other families and organizations that support families.  Our books are designed to introduce families to the fun and joy of thinking together. Our Little Philosopher Visits books are based upon particular geographic locations of interest (cities, attractions, National Parks, vacation destinations, etc.) and historic topics that families are interested in, either to visit or to learn more about.  As we traveled around the United States, we wrote and published philosophically based books for families to enjoy together. Our books are used by families who want to enjoy a deeper connection with each other through exploring a particular topic of interest with creative and meaningful thought. Our picture books focus on topics of philosophy for children, including self-awareness, problem-solving and critical thinking. Our family activity guides and downloads are based on fun, philosophical topics and activities designed to include the entire family.