The Little Philosopher

Testimonials from our Customers

"A must read for families planning a vacation together!"


"This is a jewel of a book."


“This book will help families in a integrative way by encouraging participation from all members of the family.


“The format of planning, experiencing, reflecting, and creating as separate tasks is encouraging and inspiring for all families who value traveling and learning together.


“Reading this book, which is sort of in a form of a scrap book, is a great way to get all family members involved in the trip. This is well worth the read.




“Great book for parents and children alike, this is how learning should be by experiences and finding out about things and doing them as a family.”


“Journey with this family as a vacation becomes a great adventure of learning and creativity!


“I love the wonderful way this family teaches by doing, talking to folks, learning the history not just by books but by retracing the history in modern times, listening to the oral history of the area and getting grass roots knowledge of history and the way it is today.”


“Let this book be the gold standard of educating by doing it in a fun and exciting way.


“Love, love, love, this book -- I recommend it even if you are grandparent, child or parent, lots of wonderful ideas to take an interactive approach to vacationing and learning!!!!